Blue Rhino Razor® LP Gas Griddles

There are dozens of gas grills on the market. But the Razor isn't just any old grill. It's a griddle, with a unique cooking surface. With the Razor, you can cook almost anything you want in your backyard, or wherever mealtime finds you next.

Blue Rhino BBQ LP Gas Grill

Model: GBC1932L

Get ahead of the game and be a master griller with the Blue Rhino® LP gas grill.

Blue Rhino Stainless Steel Griddle

Model: 08630BR​

Easily be able to cook everything from pancakes and eggs to cheese steaks and vegetables while in your backyard, tailgating or camping.

Why Blue Rhino?

We're more than just propane. Every tank is cleaned, leak-tested, inspected, and delivered to tens of thousands of convenient stores nationwide. No wonder Blue Rhino is America's #1 propane exchange brand.

Blue Rhino Grilling Techniques
Blue Rhino Grilling Techniques

Grilling Tips and Techniques

There’s more to grilling than just tossing something over the fire and closing the lid. To be the envy of your neighborhood and the culinary hero of your family, start here.
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