Home Delivery FAQs

  • add Do I have to be home for the delivery?

    No. In fact, our team will typically deliver your fresh tank without bothering you – just be sure to leave your empty exchange tank where you specified when you placed your order.

  • add What are your delivery options?

    Home delivery options depend on your location. Please enter your delivery address and zip code to learn what’s available in your area.

  • add Do you connect my tank to my grill upon delivery?

    At this time, we are focusing our service on bringing a fresh Blue Rhino straight to your home. We may add additional services later, but we do not offer connection services currently.

  • add If I order from you, is there a long-term commitment or subscription?

    There is no commitment when you order a home delivery from Blue Rhino. But we do hope you will try Blue Rhino home delivery again!

  • add I would like to know more about the Blue Rhino propane you deliver.

    Blue Rhino is the best known and most trusted name in propane exchange. With Blue Rhino, you can grill with confidence: every Blue Rhino tank is cleaned, leak-tested, inspected, and precision-filled to 15 lbs of propane. Every tank includes an industry standard OPD valve. And now, with Blue Rhino Home Delivery, we bring it straight to you.

  • add Can I receive updates about my order?

    Yes. With your permission, Blue Rhino will send you text or email updates regarding the progress of your order.

  • add What do you mean by Acceptable Empty tanks?

    Blue Rhino will only take empty tanks in exchange if they are acceptable. Watch this video to learn more about acceptable tanks. If a tank is not found acceptable, the order will be canceled, and no cylinder will be delivered. Delivery fees may still apply, but we will refund the cost of your tank.

  • add When will you offer home delivery in my area?

    We plan to expand our home delivery service in a speedy manner, but the exact areas are still being selected. Please visit our website again to check for updates. Meantime, there are plenty of Blue Rhino exchange locations just a short drive away. Find one at BlueRhino.com/locations.

  • add Where do I leave my empty tank when exchanging for a fresh one?

    Please specify one of the following locations when placing your order: your front door, side door, or outside your garage. Then, please be sure to put your empty tank there before our driver arrives. It is a good idea to put your tank at the chosen location first thing in the morning of delivery day.

  • add Your website asks me to document any Special Instructions required by the driver to complete delivery. What do you mean by that?

    Please provide any information necessary to help us complete your delivery quickly and safely. That might include a gate code for your community, notes about a pet, etc.

  • add What if I forget to leave my empty tank where I specified?

    If our delivery person cannot find your empty tank, he or she will attempt to contact you by knocking on the door or calling the phone number you provided. If we cannot reach anyone, the order will be canceled and no fresh tank will be left. Delivery fees may still apply, but we will refund the cost of your tank.

  • add I forgot and left my tank attached to my grill, but it was easy for you to see. Why didn’t you get it from there?

    We are not able to disconnect a tank from your grill at this time. If an empty tank is still attached to the appliance, and the Customer isn’t available to disconnect, the order will be canceled, and no cylinder will be delivered. Delivery fees may still apply, but we will refund the cost of your tank.

  • add Do you only accept Blue Rhino tanks for exchange?

    We accept any competitor’s propane tanks, as long as it is in acceptable condition.

  • add Can I schedule an exact time for my delivery?

    Exact delivery times are not available at this time.