Scientists call them Rhinocerotidae. There are several species, like White, Black, Javan or Sumtran.

Only one species, Blue Rhino, can be found solely in the United States and Puerto Rico.

That’s us! We’re America's #1 propane tank exchange brand. We fuel good times.

Maybe you’ve seen us on a display in front of a store. More than 50,000 retailers sell Blue Rhino.

Or perhaps you’ve seen us on a gas grill or fire pit. Millions of Americans trust Blue Rhino to fuel their propane appliances.

At Blue Rhino, we’re known for the care we put into every propane tank. We’re also synonymous with convenience – because when you need propane quick, there’s probably a Rhino nearby.

But we have to answer the question everybody asks. Where did the name come from?

Back in 1994, a man named Billy Prim saw a propane tank exchange business overseas. An entrepreneur at heart, he decided to start an exchange company back home.

Billy came up with the name during an African photo safari. He saw a rhino, and thought it looked like a propane tank. He added blue because it’s the color of a propane flame. The brand was born.

Today, Blue Rhino is a proud part of Ferrellgas,® a propane industry leader. You’ll even see the Blue Rhino brand on some unique outdoor living products.

We still love those rhinos, and we love grilling too! Blue Rhino sponsors Bowling for Rhinos, a rhino conservation charity. We also support Operation Barbecue Relief, a charity of competition chefs who grill for those affected by natural disasters.

Blue Rhino - It's not just propane!®

* For more about Blue Rhino, read Stan Swofford, Rhino Tough (Winston-Salem, NC: Primier LLC, 2006).

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Bowling for Rhinos
Bowling for Rhinos

Saving Rhinos

Meet Samawati. He's a white rhino. He lives in Africa, at a wildlife conservancy called Lewa. And he loves bowling!


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